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April 20, 2006

Quixote winery toasts friends of the Earth


You are a guest of nature.

From the first meeting with Friedensreich Hundertwasser in Vienna, Austria to his last visit (1928-2000) here at Stags Leap Ranch, he had much to teach and we had lessons to learn. He gave us a winery that, from its tree-planted sod roof to its undulating walls and uneven floor, reminds us each day how to regain our equilibrium.

Thinking of him on Earth Day, we recall a few of his teachings:

"The nature of the plant world is always constructive. It is always the teacher in the creative as well as the ecological sense."

"Let plants grow in the cracks of the walls. Allow buildings to change and mutate as you'd allow a child to grow."

He taught us that we are of this earth and that the meaning of, "Adam" is soil as is the Spanish, "hombre." Hundertwasser worked to merge buildings with the surrounding terrain as he created a stairway from the garden to our rooftop.

Discussing his painting, he asserted that the egoistic thing about perspective is that what is nearer is more important and bigger and what is farther away is seemingly less important.

A Petite Syrah toast to our friend Hundertwasser and the magical way he built us into the earth.

Quixote Winemaker Mario Monticelli surrounded by the Hundertwasser design that merges with the earth.

Beginning February 2007 we will welcome visitors by appointment.
Carl Doumani
Quixote Winery

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