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January 3, 2007


Esca Syrah
The power of color at work, as evidenced if you've ever spotted this label on a shelf. Critters, yes, but ... a bee? The bright Tuscan orange and yellow design -- winemaker Mario Monticelli worked at Antinori -- from this tiny Napa winery's Syrah, Cabernet and Zinfandel evokes an old-fashioned fruit crate. The name means "bait" in Italian, and the bee drawn to a hibiscus flower is a sly allusion to what Mario and his wife, Anna Monticelli, want to achieve. Esca, incidentally, is their side project. Mario is winemaker for Napa's Quixote Winery; Anna is assistant winemaker at Bryant Family Vineyard.

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[Taken from Chronicle article on 12/15/2006. View complete article!]

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