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September 22, 2008

Serial Entrepreneur Launches Napa Wine


Barry Schuler has worn his reputation for pioneering new territory from his alma mater, Rutgers, to Silicon Valley. So, last week when he proudly announced the inaugural release of his 2005 Meteor Vineyard Estate and Special Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, no one was surprised to learn that his 22-acre vineyard was located in the lesser known southeastern hills of Napa County.

Planted in 1998, Meteor's highly sought after fruit has sold to a handful of high-profile properties including: Arietta, Etude, Lail, Favia and Vineyard 29. Rocky soils, Meteor's undulating topography and the cooling influences of nearby San Pablo Bay give Meteor fruit slow, even ripening in the most challenging of years.

Meteor's first offering is being sold principally through the mailing list with a small allocation reserved for restaurants frequented by the globe-trotting Barry and Tracy Strong Schuler. To purchase 2005 Meteor Vineyard Estate Cabernet Sauvignon or the 2005 Meteor Vineyard Special Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, call 707-258-2900 or email info@meteorvineyard.com.

Begun as a dream 35 years ago when Schuler, a student with a growing passion for wine, first visited Napa Valley, Meteor Vineyard became a reality with the planting of the vineyard that now surrounds the James Cutler-designed home where Tracy and Barry are raising their family. As Barry was nurturing his dream (and forging the path of a serial entrepreneur), the Dyers were launching their careers in winemaking and the history of Napa was being written as it emerged as a world-class wine region.

Little did they know that they would come together in a project centered on the fruit grown in one of Napa’s most unique pieces of land.

2008 is a big year for Schuler. Not only is he releasing his first wine, he produced LOOK, the film with Adam Rifkin (shot entirely using surveillance camera footage) and has been jetting around the globe, but principally to China, with his new Raydiance Laser technology. He spoke at TASTE3 on "Mapping the Grape Genome," an idea he's been exploring with Craig (The Institute for Genomic Research) Ventner on whose board he serves.

Woven through his many business ventures is his passion for eating and drinking. Visitors to the Schuler kitchen on any day might find him roasting coffee beans, making butter, curing meat or just preparing weeknight dinner. If he's missing from the kitchen, he's likely throwing pots in his ceramics studio.

And, by the way, he still carries around the first computer he built for himself as a teenager.
Meteor Vineyard Fact Sheet
Meteor Vineyard Technical Sheets
Description of Residence

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