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September 22, 2008

Serial Entrepreneur Launches Napa Wine


Barry Schuler has worn his reputation for pioneering new territory from his alma mater, Rutgers, to Silicon Valley. So, last week when he proudly announced the inaugural release of his 2005 Meteor Vineyard Estate and Special Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, no one was surprised to learn that his 22-acre vineyard was located in the lesser known southeastern hills of Napa County.

Planted in 1998, Meteor's highly sought after fruit has sold to a handful of high-profile properties including: Arietta, Etude, Lail, Favia and Vineyard 29. Rocky soils, Meteor's undulating topography and the cooling influences of nearby San Pablo Bay give Meteor fruit slow, even ripening in the most challenging of years.

Meteor's first offering is being sold principally through the mailing list with a small allocation reserved for restaurants frequented by the globe-trotting Barry and Tracy Strong Schuler. To purchase 2005 Meteor Vineyard Estate Cabernet Sauvignon or the 2005 Meteor Vineyard Special Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, call 707-258-2900 or email

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From top left to bottom right: Bryant Terry, award-winning eco chef, food justice activist, and author hosts the 'Seeds' group; Barry Schuler, serial entrepreneur and Meteor Vineyards owner; Taste3 host Margrit Mondavi with Gordon Heuther on her insider tour; Chef Chris Cosentino prepares beef heart carpaccio for the audience to taste. (Photos by Elise Bauer and Ashley Teplin)

July 24, 2008

Report from Taste3

Last week Robert Mondavi Winery hosted the third annual TED-inspired TASTE3 at COPIA in Napa’s Oxbow District.  For us, this super-charged brain spa is an annual ritual around which we will juggle work, vacations and pretty much anything else.  In other words, it’s a must. In fact, we suggest you register now for next year’s TASTE3 , scheduled to run for three days beginning May 31, 2009.

To give you a taste of what to expect, here are a few things I learned at TASTE3 2008:

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July 16, 2008

Mapping the grape genome

Tomorrow through Saturday TASTE3 brings together 40 writers, thinkers, chefs, winemakers, artisans and executives to join 400 attendees who are every bit as tapped-in.  The TED-inspired event is staged at COPIA and Cuvee in Napa with smaller, break-out functions staged in Napa Valley Wineries.    TASTE3 promises to thrill, tantalize, engage, intrigue, provoke and inspire.  And, for the past two years, this event has delivered in spades.

Friday morning at 10:45 award-winning eco chef, food justice activist and author Bryant Terry will host a session entitled, “Seeds.”  In that session, serial entrepreneur Barry Schuler will share his ideas for mapping the wine grape genome.  Schuler, who made his reputation and his fortune in Silicon Valley launched a pioneering interactive multimedia company with his wife Tracy in 1989.  One of their first clients was “a little company called America Online” which Barry ultimately led following the Time Warner merger in 2000.

In 1996 Barry and Tracy bought a 35-acre hilltop parcel in Coombsville, east of the city of Napa.  There they planted a 22-acre cabernet vineyard and eventually began to produce their own wine—made by Dawnine and Bill Dyer, partners in the enterprise—under the Meteor Vineyard label.

If you’re interested in joining the 2008 TASTE3 community, visit to see if late registrations are being accepted.

A few friends of Studio-707 who’ve signed on this year include:  Elise Bauer, blogger; Virginie Boone, journalist; David Darlington, author; Carl Doumani, vintner; Katherine Doumani, free-lance writer; Dawnine Dyer, vintner; Aaron Pott, winemakerMargrit Biever Mondavi, Robert Mondavi Winery; Gwen McGill, Marketing Director, Quintessa Winery; Garrett McCord, blogger; Heather Irwin, journalist; Cristina Salas-Porras; Phil Sherburne, eco-developer; Rives, performance poet; Gianni Stefanini, miller-owner Apollo Olive Oil; Dan Barber, chef; and Andrea Robinson, broadcast journalist

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Historic stone walls frame Meteor Vineyard in Napa's Tulocay region. (Photo by John McJunkin)

February 18, 2008

Acclaimed Internet Pioneer Barry Schuler
Launches New Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvginon

February 2008, NAPA, CA.—Former America Online Chairman and CEO Barry Schuler announced this week that he will release a new Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon under the label Meteor Vineyard this Spring.  Trade and press will taste 2006 Meteor Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from barrel for the first time this week at Premier Napa Valley.  The winemakers for Meteor Vineyard are Dawnine Sample Dyer and her husband Bill Dyer, who are 50 percent partners in this venture.

Schuler likens his first-ever Napa Valley wine country experience decades ago to a lightening bolt shooting through his body.  He says he knew then that one day he would grow grapes here.  In 1998, after pioneering a succession of new technologies in the Internet world, Schuler and his family established the 22-acre Meteor Vineyard property in the southeastern hills of the Napa Valley where the Tulocay AVA is currently pending.  The property is named for Medior Inc, the multimedia development company founded by Schuler and eventually acquired by AOL.

Schuler is best known for leading the AOL team that simplified the online service provider’s user interface, making it possible for millions of consumers to gain easy access to the internet.  In recent years, while developing his new Napa vineyard, Schuler started Raydiance Inc. to develop commercial applications for ultra-short pulse lasers to be used for tumor ablation and tattoo removal, among other things. In collaboration with Adam Rifkin and Brad Wyman, he also co-produced and helped finance, “Look,” a film shot entirely from the point of view of surveillance cameras.

Michael Wolf was retained by the Schulers to develop their vineyard property, which benefits from San Francisco Bay breezes and is characterized by a mix of well-draining river rock and mineral-rich volcanic ash suited to Bordeaux varietals, including cabernet sauvignon.

Meteor Vineyard is a compilation of three clones of cabernet sauvignon grafted onto different rootstocks.  Just 25 percent of the vineyard’s fruit is used to craft the Meteor Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.  The balance of the property’s grapes are sold to a handful of high-profile properties including: Arietta, Etude, Lail, Favia and Vineyard 29. 

The 2005 Meteor Cabernet Sauvignon will be sold primarily to those on the Meteor Vineyard mailing list, with a small allocation going to distribution channels later in the year. ####


Click here for the Meteor Vineyard fact sheet.

Click here for the Meteor Vineyard technical sheets.

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