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From top left to bottom right: Bryant Terry, award-winning eco chef, food justice activist, and author hosts the 'Seeds' group; Barry Schuler, serial entrepreneur and Meteor Vineyards owner; Taste3 host Margrit Mondavi with Gordon Heuther on her insider tour; Chef Chris Cosentino prepares beef heart carpaccio for the audience to taste. (Photos by Elise Bauer and Ashley Teplin)

July 24, 2008

Report from Taste3

Last week Robert Mondavi Winery hosted the third annual TED-inspired TASTE3 at COPIA in Napa’s Oxbow District.  For us, this super-charged brain spa is an annual ritual around which we will juggle work, vacations and pretty much anything else.  In other words, it’s a must. In fact, we suggest you register now for next year’s TASTE3 , scheduled to run for three days beginning May 31, 2009.

To give you a taste of what to expect, here are a few things I learned at TASTE3 2008:

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Vintners John Conover of Cade and Plumpjack and Carl Doumani of Quixote joined in a little friendly wine combat this week pitting Cabernet Sauvignon against Petite Syrah as the top pairing for grilled lamb.  KCBS Radio’s Narsai David armed himself and donned full Western regalia for the wine country picnic including a badge that mysteriously read, “Merlot.” (Photos by Drew Altizer)

June 18, 2008

Cab vs. Petite: A Different Sort of Rivalry

By Hank Shaw

A sunny day, good wine, good food and lots of good conversation. I’ve been here before. For the better part of two decades my life has revolved around the world of politics, and the setting at the Plumpjack winery Monday looked like any number of high-dollar political fundraisers I’d attended over the years. But looks can be deceiving.

For starters, the mere presence of the grilled leg of lamb and rapini greens served at lunch set this event apart: Both were better prepared than what you’d get at a typical buck-raking event. And the rapini greens? They would never be served at a Republican event (too foreign), and rapini’s bitter tang typically banishes them from Democratic menus as well. On the tables of politics, nothing should be too challenging: Political food is cheap, merely fuel for the conversation.

Good wine, however, does grace the tables of the political elite; just ask former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, who got himself in trouble recently for buying too much expensive French wine. He’d have done better to spend his money on the Plumpjack cabernet sauvignon or the Quixote petite syrah, both superb wines served with the lamb.

Monday’s luncheon pitted the Quixote petite syrah against a pair of cabernets: the Plumpjack and its sister winery, CADE. Which paired better with the lamb? There were even cards for the guests to cast their vote. (No hanging chads here, though) I knew I’ve been in politics too long when I started thinking that with two evenly matched cabernets duking it out on one side, and a lone petite syrah on the other, there was a whiff of this year’s presidential race in the day’s contest. Is Obama a cab?

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June 22, 2007

Meadowood in Napa Valley



Meadowood in Napa Valley

'Featuring Quixote Petite Syrah'

Meadowood’s Director of Wine Education Gilles de Chambure MS sends us this short segment from WinePeeks TV.

I hope you enjoy it.  Gilles is a valued wine country resource for groups hoping to gather to enhance their wine knowledge.

Pam Hunter

Editor’s Note: For additional information contact Pam Hunter- 707-258-1699 x 15 or

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April 30, 2007

News from Go Fish

Cooking for the Health of It

Victor Scargle


View a printable version of the new SPRING MENU

          Just one look at 32-year-old Go Fish Chef Victor Scargle tells you he’s cooking for the health of it.  California born and bred, he took to the stoves and gardens of Go Fish upon discovering in founder Cindy Pawlcyn a true kindred spirit.  “This is my opportunity to work with someone who shares my feelings about food and life,” explains Victor.

            Ingredient-driven cooking is common talk these days.  For Victor, it shapes the very core of his kitchen.  While chefing at Julia’s Kitchen in Napa, he and garden curator Jeff Dawson formed a seamless alliance enabling them to source 80 percent of the restaurant’s summer produce from the COPIA gardens and 60 percent the balance of the year.

            At Go Fish his year-around garden harvest augments local farm produce deliveries and compliments the fish he and sushi chef Ken Tominaga receive fresh daily.  Victor and Ken work in tandem to offer parallel menus to locals and wine country visitors who immediately embraced a menu rich in fruits of the sea.

            Victor’s culinary skills were honed in the fast-paced kitchens of Michael Minna, Traci De Jardins and Doug Rodriguez to name a few.  In his new Napa Valley kitchen, he savors the rush of team spirit in an atmosphere of challenge and respect.  The challenge he speaks of is considerable at Go Fish where the aim is to have something for everyone day and night.

            While St. Helena’s population is just shy of 6,000, it is a culinary mecca.  Go Fish keeps the dining casual, while working to deliver:

    • A quick bite, be it a dozen oysters and a glass of Sancerre; a plate of sushi and a glass of sake or a bowl of noodles and a cup of green tea;
    • Special-occasion dinner for two in a quiet corner or for a crowd on the patio;
    • Fish dinner from salad to a wood-grilled seasonal catch alongside a seasonal vegetable and followed by one of a lush array of home-style desserts.

            French technique defines Victor’s Go Fish style.  The simplicity of a few bright flavors and a clean presentation are hallmarks of his cooking.

            The Go Fish menu is unquestionably “fish-centric” but meat lovers will find a few “no fish,” listings including:  Red Wattle Pork, Watson Farm Lamb and Reichert Farm Duck.

            Victor makes his home in Napa with his wife, Kimberly, who works for the Napa Conference and Visitor’s center and their toddler, Cameron. 

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March 27, 2007

There are many fish in the sea, and most of them end up at Go Fish

By Michael Bauer

(Click on Image to Download Larger PDF File)

San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, March 25, 2007

Many restaurateurs have talked about opening a sushi restaurant in the Napa Valley -- and diners craved it -- but it took veteran restaurateur Cindy Pawlcyn to actually do it.

Click Here for the entire article: GO FISH -Dining Out- By Michael Bauer


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March 2, 2007

Taste3 Conference Releases Video Content

Robert Mondavi Winery's inaugural Taste3 conference July 13-16, 2006 at Copia in Napa Valley was filled with thought provoking, enlightening and humorous presentations from a diverse, interdisciplinary group of speakers. We'll be releasing a selection of talks from each conference starting with these three talks from the 2006 conference.

Greg Jones, associate professor of geography at Southern Oregon University on global warming's impact on wine growing regions worldwide. (watch video)

Dan Barber, Chef/Owner, Blue Hill & Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Creative Director, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, on carrots and castration. (watch video)

Bryant Simon, Professor of History and Director of the American Studies Program at Temple University with his study of how the desires of daily life are revealed from the comfy coaches and in the drive-thru of Starbucks. (watch video)

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Registration for the 2007 Taste3 conference, May 6-8 is open. Register here.

Editor’s Note: For additional information contact Pam Hunter- 707-258-1699 x 15 or

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December 11, 2006

World-Class Restaurants Put Down New Roots

Publication: USA Today

Napa continues to secure its place as a culinary destination with these hot eateries...
Have a look!

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